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Orlando vs. Boston Series Preview

As last year's conference semifinal rematch is under 1 hours away I will show the Key Points and predictions of the series.

Orlando needs to keep the sharpshooting of Ray Allen and Paul Pierce in check. When they get hot from the outside everything else opens for the Celtics. Rajon Rondo however, is their main priority after a tremondous series. Jameer Nelson will try to keep up with him even though he is nowhere as quick as him. Matt Barnes is a concern for Orlando with a back injury, but he will be starting for the Magic. This likely will be an advantage for Pierce to get going early in the series after a tough series against Cleveland averaging just 13.5. He did Heat up in Game 5 and 6 with 21 and 13 apiece. Barnes's health will be crucial for the Magic's chances. Orlando has been great at home this year with a 38-7 record. They have home court advantage, but that hasn't always been a huge factor. The Celtics did beat Cleveland taking 2 and almost 3 in Cleveland last series. Also, Cleveland had a 38-3 record heading into the playoffs last year and had a big loss in Game 1 last year and needed a LeBron James buzzer beater to avoid another one.

Boston: The Celtics need to keep Dwight Howard in check, which they have done in the past with the tremondous post defense of Kendrick Perkins. If Howard gets hot everything else opens up (see Game 3 of last year series where the Celtics where blown out by the Magic when Howard was 7-8 from the field) because this opens up the deadly shooting of Rashard Lewis, Jameer Nelson, J.J. Redick, Mickael Pietrus and Vince Carter (?? Carter shot awful against the Bobcats, but countered that with a great shooting series against the Hawks). Tony Allen has been huge off the bench this postseason giving the Celts a boost. As said earlier the Rondo has been great, but so has Magic point guard Nelson. Nelson has averaged 20 a game in the post season. Kevin Garnett needs to get his outside jumper going earlier as he has been doing lately, perhaps returning to 100 percent for the first time since the knee injury.

Game 1: Celtics 97, Magic 93
Game 2: Magic 109, Celtics 92
Game 3: Celtics 89, Magic 86
Game 4: Celtics 105, Magic 103
Game 5 Magic 99, Celtics 87
Game 6: Celtics 91, Magic 80

Bottom Line: The Celtics with the return of Garnett from last year will avenge last year's Magic series win. Boston takes game 1 which is big in winning a series.
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Celtics vs. Lakers

Game 2 Sunday Night

C- Perkins vs. Odom

Perkins will struggled against Odom last game being outrebounded and held to a single point. Look for him to have a slight better game. Odom played okay against Garnett but Gasol is the one who's against Gasol and the one who'll play at his best.

PF Garnett vs. Gasol

Garnett either goes on fire or get's ice cold. Gasol isn't all that good off a defender. Gasol is defended by Perkins so he'll be the big scorng.

SG- Bryant vs. Allen This is the biggest matchup of the game. Bryant must shoot bettt good of a defender and will hit those jump shots.  Allen wi;; play decent with 14.

SF Pierce vs. Radmonivc- Pierce can hit the 3 ball but if he gets the first step on Radmonivic he can drive and dish or drive and dunk. Radmonivic dosen't do much on offense other than a 3 or then he has against the Celtics this year. If he dosen't they'll lose. Allen will have a decent game maybe 17, 18 points.

PG- Rondo vs. Fisher- This is a good matchup for Fisher not as fast. Rondo should drive to the hoop and play aggresive. Fisher will play well on offense but a few more turnovers then usual.

Bench- The C's bench play well at home but the Lakers are better on the bench. They need to get Farmar, Walton and Vujajic going.

Projected Box Score

Player                          Points              Rebounds                Assists


Rondo                        11                              7                              6      

Allen                             14                          4                                 3

Pierce                            18                           5                                   2

Garnett                          25                             9                                2

Perkins                           5                              7                                 1

Cassel                           6                                1                               2

House                           2                             0                                 1

Posey                            5                               2                                0

Brown                              6                             5                                 0

Powe                                2                            3                                  0

Davis                                 0                          0                                     0

Allen                                   0                            0                                     0


Fisher                                11                             2                                   6

Bryant                                  28                             4                                  4

Radmonivic                        7                                3                                    2

Gasol                                 19                                9                                   3

Odom                                 12                                  7                                 2

Farmar                                 6                                    0                                3

Walton                                  4                                     1                                 1

Vujacic                                 8                                      3                                  1

Turfiaf                                    4                                     4                                  2

Result:   93-89




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Memphis Tigers and Kansas Jayhawks Championship

It was an unbelievable very exciting. I hope there will be championships this exciting again. Early in the first half Memphis got in trouble with foul trouble. 4 key players (Anderson, Taggert, Dorsey and Dozier) all had 2. Luckily Rose or Douglas- Roberts weren't in that mix.  Douglas Roberts was hitting everything while Rose took only 4 shots. Kansas was playing outstanding defense on Rose. Chalmers played unbelievable D. Kansas played very unselfish ball and had balanced scoring. In the second half Rose took over with kickouts that miracle 3, drives to the hoop and 3 point plays. While Rose took over Memphis game back from a 45-39 to go up 60-51 late in the second. Memphis collapsed. Douglas- Roberts missed three straight free throws. Rose hit one of two. Kansas hit a three, and an Arthur step back two. Chamlers hit 2 free throws.  With 2 second left Chalmers hits the 3 over Rose. In overtime Memphis played terrible. Kansas went up 71-65 and didn't look back winning 75-68. You can't blame it on Rose and Douglas-Roberts free throws though. Dorsey falling 30 feet away from the hoop and Taggart stealing and getting the ball tied up. He should of called timeout. Arthur contributed excellently with 20 points and 10 rebounds. Brandon Rush played good defense with 12 points.

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Memphis Tigers

Memphis will go far this year in March Madness. They proved they can win big games, after beating top 25 teams like Georgetown and Connecticut. Also teams receiving votes like a good Gonzaga and Arizona team. Derrick Rose runs the show well with the help with a very good support with Chris Douglas-Roberts who has good upside. Joey Dorsey and Robert Dozier get all the rebounds with 17.7 combined a game. The rest of the team only averages 25.5 a game. The rest of the team has to pick up the slack if they want to beat Tennesee. They pretty much clinched the 1 seed for the tournament.

If they lose to Tennesee all I say they just have to make it to the semifinal's in the Conference USA tournament.
They still do have a underated UAB team left which you can't count UAB out on. Southern Miss has a slight chance to beat Memphis after getting blown out early this season. Tulsa can hang tough with Memphis though. SMU should be a an easy game.They were already blown out by Memphis this year. I think Mmphis will go for in March Madness with good leadership and experience.

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